IFBOA Memberships Grant Unparalleled Opportunities for Financial Savings and Operational Growth

Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

Save money with a highly competitive rate and share in the profitability of the IFBOA group purchasing power. Put your workers’ compensation insurance to work for you. This plan — underwritten by Old Republic Aerospace — includes an annual Good Experience Dividend (GED), which provides premium savings based on group performance. Since 1975, this Plan has returned 20% of the overall premium to participants while being managed by the current Program Administrator. 

NATA Insurance Programs

In an effort to bring value and savings to members, NATA and IFBOA are proud to offer several cost effective and high performing Insurance Programs to help protect your place of business and employees:

-> Loss of License Insurance
-> Pilot Group Term Life Insurance
-> Healthcare Initiative Program

Learn more at www.nata.aero/insuranceprograms.

AeroPlan 401(k): Where Your Retirement Savings Take Flight 
NATA’s newest member benefit program gives you access to a unique and full-service 401(k) retirement plan that is easy, flexible, and affordable. AeroPlan 401(k) provides a competitive benefit package to help you attract and retain employees, featuring:  

- Significant reduction in administrative tasks 
- Competitive pricing  
- Investment management service   
- Access to employee communication, guidance, and advice  
Learn more at fly.nata.aero/401k.

IFBOA Shipping Program Managed by PartnerShip®

This comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program provides members with top-notch customer service and exclusive discounts for members. Enroll now at www.partnership.com/IFBOA.

Expand Your Benefits with an IFBOA+ Membership

Make your membership twice as powerful with an IFBOA+ membership. This level yields a dual membership with access to both benefits of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and IFBOA. Learn more by calling 703-785-5886.