Member Update: Federal Budget Debate

October 30, 2015

Furnished by NATA 

This week Congress and the Administration reached consensus on several important issues including adjusting federal discretionary spending levels for the next two fiscal years and raising the nations debt ceiling through March, 2017. As a result, the chances of business critical FAA operations being closed due to a government shutdown are dramatically reduced. 

The announced resignation of House Speaker John Boehner cleared the way for passage of a Continuing Resolution, or CR as it is known in Washington, to fund the federal government through December 11th. It also allowed the outgoing Speaker the political latitude to negotiate a longer-term deal on the federal budget as well as other issues including raising the nations debt ceiling. In the words of outgoing Speaker Boehner, this weeks action cleans up the barn and resolves potentially debilitating issues for incoming Speaker Paul Ryan. 

The current CR temporarily funds the government by continuing funding at the prior years level. This CR expires on December 11th; however, the increases in overall discretionary spending will allow congressional appropriators the budget room necessary to complete work on the FY2016 federal budget -- including funding for the FAA. The agreement also includes revised discretionary spending levels for FY2017 and the hope is this agreement will produce two years of budget certainty in the run up to the 2016 general elections. 

While this weeks action is a step forward, NATA will continue to monitor the situation reminding lawmakers of the ramifications of any FAA shutdown on general aviation businesses. 

Jake Legere
Manager of Membership and Member Services