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When you sign on board IFBOA's Membership Roster,
you get unprecedented and unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Realize unique and effective financial and operational growth opportunities
  • Sharpen your competitive marketing tools with professional resources and guidance
  • Take advantage of competitive purchasing power by combining efforts and resources with other companies under the IFBOA umbrella
  • Gain access to the complete range of training and support systems needed to grow, prosper, and proactively protect your operations and investments

Benefits of the IFBOA

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Coverage. IFBOA members can take part in the IFBOA Workers Compensation Insurance Program, making it possible to enjoy an annual return on your insurance payment, save money with a highly competitive rate, and share in the profitability of the IFBOA group purchasing power.

Training. IFBOA members are eligible to receive member pricing with an IFBOA + membership on the industry leading NATA Safety 1 st training programs.

Visit www.nata.aero/Safety-1st.aspx to view current program offerings.

Savings. IFBOA Members are entitled to negotiated price discounts with vendors and suppliers for everything from parts to software, marketing, and more.

Recognition. Having the IFBOA logo associated with your facility symbolizes to customers the quality and dollar value of your service and your pride in workmanship.

Information. IFBOA networking and resource programs are geared to establish continuous exchanges of information, shared experiences, and cooperative problem-solving with other members.

Partnerships. IFBOA selects and recommends preferred groups of vendors and suppliers that share compatible goals and objectives with IFBOA members and support and subscribe to IFBOA's Mission Statement and values.

Visit our Partnership page.

Relationships. IFBOA keeps you informed of ongoing industry issues, insights, actions, and opportunities that impact your operation.

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The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association is dedicated to the long term vitality and success of its members
through collaborative endeavors, knowledge sharing, and best practices standardization on a global scale.

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