Cambridge Group, LLC

Aircraft Lighting Int'l

Big Fly Travel Group


Global Trade Group Inc.

The Harmonie Group

Industrial Concrete Services

Marquis Jet

MultiSystems Interconnect, Inc.

Net Jets

Pro-Link Inc.

Superior Graphite





ARGUS International, Inc.

Component Control

Strat Aero International Inc.

QBE North America

Partner Members

Partner Member Application

This membership is open to any person, company, entity, group, or organization that promotes general aviation.

Benefits of Partner Memberships include:

IFBOA reserves the right to limit the number of Partners for each product or service.

To learn more about Partner Memberships and sponsorship opportunities, contact Jake Legere at jlegere@ifboa.aero or call 202-774-1509.


The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association is dedicated to the long term vitality and success of its members
through collaborative endeavors, knowledge sharing, and best practices standardization on a global scale.

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