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May 1, 2014

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Joe Clifton, Director of Jet-Pro PEO, based in Teterboro, NJ

Jet-Pro PEO recently entered a partnership with the Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) to provide their member companies with access to Fortune 100 benefits, payroll and health-care reform compliant solutions. Through the agreement, the unique Jet-Pro PEO service offering ensures that IFBOA member companies have the opportunity to increase employee satisfaction, and stabilize benefits, payroll and HR administrative costs while ensuring compliance with healthcare reform.

Jet-Pro PEO was established by Jet Professionals in 2012 to support small and medium-sized business aviation companies by enabling them to concentrate on the operational and revenue-producing aspects of their business. Acting as an extension of the clients human resources and benefits team, Jet-Pro PEO offers a comprehensive, cost-effective employee benefits plan that includes administration and payroll services plus tax compliance and filing.

"Jet-Pro PEO is a great program for our members" said John Wraga, founder and executive director of IFBOA. "Partnering with Jet-Pro PEO enables our IFBOA members the opportunity to access an amazing suite of employee benefits and solutions. It also brings our entire organization a depth of resources virtually unmatched by any other group. The agreement supports our on-going commitment to bring increasingly higher levels of service to IFBOA members, and it's something I'm extremely proud of.

The IFBOA was created in 2006 to give independent FBOs the resources and buying power needed to compete in a marketplace increasingly dominated by larger organizations. Based in Bedford, Massachusetts, IFBOA offers a wide range of services to its membership, including training, insurance, marketing assistance, and on-going consultation for financial and operational growth. In addition to FBOs, IFBOA also counts among its more than 500 members many other independent aviation businesses including: flight schools, repair stations, charter companies, airport owners or operators, aircraft sales organizations, and aircraft management companies.

Business aviation association benefits are prevalent in our industry. Employers are offered the opportunity to join associations and gain the benefits of purchasing power. Traditionally, the programs offered through associations are fuel, safety training, certification training, business training and workmens compensation coverage. A program that is not being offered throughout the business aviation industry is Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services. The 500+ IFBOA member companies represent the target market Jet-Pro PEO is trying to reach, which made the partnership ideal. Most of the member companies are struggling with benefit, payroll and administration costs and have already purchased services through the IFBOA, specifically workmens compensation coverage. The services of Jet-Pro PEO are the perfect complement to services currently being offered through the IFBOA Association.

Jet-Pro PEO and IFBOA are also working together on a number of cross-promotion strategies to increase exposure, which include co-branded advertisements, events, sponsorships, public relations efforts, social media campaigns, and digital and direct mail pieces. By working with the IFBOA, Jet-Pro PEO has the ability to mass market their program through a reputable industry association. As a startup PEO, Jet-Pro does not possess the resources to contact each business aviation employer on an individual basis. The strength of IFBOA enables Jet-Pro PEO to reach 500+ member companies at one time through a trusted resource. The IFBOA partnership provides instant credibility for Jet-Pro PEO because of the long standing relationship the association has with its members.


The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association is dedicated to the long term vitality and success of its members
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