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IFBOA Workers Compensation Safety Group Program Announces 22% Good Experience Return

September 6, 2012

The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) and QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings(QBE) just announced an inaugural Good Experience Return (GER) of 22% for their 2011 Program policyholders. Participation in the IFBOA Program is subject to underwriting acceptability of QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings and is available to most aviation service businesses including charter operations, aircraft management companies, repair stations, flight schools, aircraft sales companies and others. The GER is payable over five annual installments as claims closeout. IFBOA members who participated in the program will receive a Good Experience Return check which shares the Program profits with the membership.

John Wraga, executive director of IFBOA, said that "he is very pleased to be able to offer his membership one of the best workers compensation programs in the industry. This is certainly a benefit our members can appreciate and it more than pays for their cost of membership. This program focuses its underwriting on loss control and commitment to aviation safety. The GERs are based on group premiums and losses. When QBE and our members work together, the end result is profit for IFBOA members."

IFBOA members whom operate in the aviation industry are eligible to participate in the IFBOA Workers Compensation Safety Group Program. From ground, maintenance and flight crews to name a few, the IFBOA Work Comp Program can put your business at an advantage by providing some relief in the increasing costs of insurance premiums.

For more information about the IFBOA Program you can contact your insurance broker, QBE or IFBOA:

QBE - Michael Clark - Senior Vice President 770-794-6400 michael.clark2@us.qbe.com
Chuck Couch - VP Underwriting 770-794-6400 chuck.couch@us.qbe.com,
IFBOA - John Wraga - Executive Director 781-860-7403 wraga@ifboa.aero

In order to take advantage of the Good Experience Return, your workers compensation insurance must be underwritten by QBE and you must also be a current member of Independent Fixed Base Operators Association, which is complementary for those aviation businesses that join the IFBOA Workers Compensation Safety Group Program in 2012.

QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings, Inc. and QBE North America is part of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide with a growing presence in the U.S. and the general aviation community. QBE North America uses the following insurance carries for their workers compensation policies: North Pointe Insurance Company (Rating: A), Praetorian Insurance Company (Rating: A), QBE Insurance Corporation (Rating: A) http://www.AMBest.com, 2012.


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