Press Release

First Aviation (TEB) Receives First IFBOA FBO Classification

June 21, 2012

John Wraga, Executive Director of the Independent Fixed Base Operators Association bestows the associations first FBO Classification to First Aviation (TEB). "The classification program was developed to help the unfamiliar visitor get an idea of what services can be expected for his/her passengers, crew and aircraft when using an FBO. First Aviation demonstrates the ultimate in services, amenities and facilities and therefore rates the IFBOA-1 designation" says Wraga. "This is a real honor to be recognized by the Independent Fixed Base Operators Association to receive this classification. First Aviation Services at Teterboro always strives to extend to each of our customers the very best in services", Bill Thomas, President & CEO First Aviation Services. For more information about the IFBOA FBO classification program, go to WWW.IFBOA.aero. For more information about First Aviation, go to www.firstaviationteb.com


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