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IFBOA teams with QBE Holdings to create new Workers Comp Program

August 2, 2011

Participants gain opportunity to garner significant rewards

Leaders of the Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) and QBE Holdings today announced the creation of a major new insurance program to support IFBOA's membership.

The program provides workers compensation insurance at competitive rates, while also making it possible for participants to enjoy an annual return on their workers compensation insurance costs, as well as the ability to share in IFBOA's group purchasing power.

"This is a major milestone for our organization" said John Wraga, executive director of IFBOA. "This new program allows our members to have the peace of mind great worker compensation coverage provides, and the opportunity to benefit financially from the program's success. It truly is a win-win for our membership, and it's a direct result of the momentum our organization is gathering among independent aviation businesses" he added.

To maximize the stability and profitability of the program, IFBOA contracted with the member insurance companies of QBE Holdings, Inc., a global insurer with a growing presence in the business aviation community. The program is administered by AirSure Limited, one of the world's largest providers of insurance brokerage services for the business aviation market.

Michael Clark, Senior Vice President of QBE the Americas said: "We're extremely proud to be supporting IFBOA's new workers compensation program. It is exactly the type of protection and capability we strive to provide our clients, and a wonderful addition to our on-going expansion in the global business aviation arena."

The program is now underway. IFBOA members, and prospective members, should contact their insurance brokers, QBE's Michael Clark (770-298-2806) or Chuck Couch (770-235-9238), or IFBOA headquarters at 781-860-7403 for more information.


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