Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters

The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA)
818 Connecticut Avenue, NW - Suite 900
Washington, DC 20006

Phone Numbers

Direct and Voicemail: 202-774-1509

Email Addresses

Squawks: squawks@ifboa.aero
Classifieds: classified@ifboa.aero
Membership: jlegere@ifboa.aero
Workers’ Compensation: workcomp@ifboa.aero
All Other: info@ifboa.aero


Please note that IFBOA does not control pricing or services at Member facilities. IFBOA DOES, however, value the opinion of their customers, and encourages you to share customer comments by contacting IFBOA by mail, phone, or email (See Above) with specific references. Please be sure to include time and date of any incident, known names of those involved, and the Member facility name and location. IFBOA will be sure to pass any customer comments along promptly to the Member facility owner.


The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association is dedicated to the long term vitality and success of its members
through collaborative endeavors, knowledge sharing, and best practices standardization on a global scale.

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